About Yourefolio

Yourefolio is the first and most comprehensive estate and legacy planning software available to estate planning professionals today. Our platform was designed by the same professionals that utilize it. As estate and legacy planning can be challenging on its merits, Yourefolio was designed as a modern technology platform to simplify all aspects of planning and understanding. We want to bring your estate and legacy planning experience with your clients to the 21st century. Yes, we understand that can mean a lot. Let us clarify exactly what that means.

Beginning the process

On-boarding can mean a lot of things, but basically it means gathering information. It means the same thing in financial planning as it does with estate planning professionals. The challenge is chasing down information and documents from those who have other things going on to properly begin the process. After several months of interviews, studies and beta testing, Yourefolio designed the first avatar assisted onboarding process in the industry. Yes, an avatar explains each section and walks your clients through a unique and effective process of gathering the information you need to begin or review an estate plan. Of course we still do have the options of using antiquated methods just in case the on boarding module may not fit with a particular client. However, we have also modernized those processes as well. When you request your demonstration we will explain that too.

Analyzing the data

Of course having to sort through documents, sometimes hundreds can be time consuming. While we understand a few documents simply have to be sorted through manually we make the process of sorting through everything effective, thorough and simple. Imagine having all the information you need on screens all laid out so that you just have to flip back and forth to view what you need. Oh, of course we make it granular too. A dynamic family planning feature will uncover items which can cause challenges or problems in the transfer of an estate. We provide you and your clients with the most effective system for analyzing documents, information and instructions in order to prepare a plan the way intended too.

Presenting a plan of attack

Certainly you can discuss how you can assist them in effectively passing on an estate. Visuals are equally important. Our software allows you to drag and drop flow charts showing how it can play out in various scenarios. We will let you know if you are meeting Federal or State specific tax thresholds too. Once it is all done, you can provide your clients with a plan design summary. This is the most effective way to present the way the final product will play out. Everyone’s role, what they are receiving in monetary transfers and brief synopsis of each trust. This is the most effective deliverable you can provide your client in estate planning.

Implementing the plan

Yes, we can work with you or an attorney of your choice to integrate their documents for a simple process of creating the necessary documents.
Effective and regular reviews
From our plan design summary to estate plan overviews, a click of a button, a change entry into a query makes it that simple. Everything you do after the initial intake of information is either the push of button or a quick change in a query. No more duplication or re-creation of work.

The real benefits

Yourefolio creates distinct advantage to you, your business, your clients and equally their beneficiaries. Imagine the peace of mind your clients will have knowing that if anything happens to them, their loved ones and their beneficiaries will have a secure safe place to go to for important documents, instructions and information. A place they can access no matter what situation should arise. A place where they will actually understand what to do, how to access it and the documents that may be needed. A system you provided them as their trusted advisor. Yourefolio allows you to differentiate yourself amongst other advisors and show your true value.