Who Can Enroll

Yourfolio is an advisor driven site designed to assist individuals in creating storage, access and understanding for life’s most important documents. Because it is advisor driven, user profiles can only be completed with the assistance of an advisor. Advisors come in many different professions such as financial advisors, insurance agents, certified financial planners and attorneys. Please consult your advisor to create your Yourfolio. If you don’t have an advisor, don’t worry. Send us an email at info@yourefolio.com and we can assist you in finding an advisor who is using Yourfolio.

Advisor Access

Terms and conditions are important, please read and agree to the terms and conditions so that you understand the parameters of use. Once you have agreed please complete the Advisor Login profile. Once you complete that you will be given access to create The Yourfolio for your clients. Please remember that this is a service you can provide for your clients and that all updates must be completed by you. Your clients will have access to view their user profile but they will have no ability to update necessary information so stay in touch and offer regular updates just in case they may need it.